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Teresa’s Story

Teresa Runs a high profile PR company.

Her laptop is her business. All her confidential client files are kept on her precious laptop. Being the sensible kind of person, Teresa thought it would  be a good idea to get herself an external Hard Drive and copy all her important documents over to that, just in-case something happened to her Laptop.

Concerned about the security of her confidential files if her laptop got lost or stolen, Teresa started to only save her files to the external Hard Drive, copying what was needed for the next day the night before.

One evening Teresa was finishing off some notes from the day on her laptop from when the last episode of Broad Church was just starting, so she lifted her laptop from her lap to the floor, forgetting the external hard drive was attached, it fell with a thump, and then a horrible mechanical noise to the floor. The external hard drive was no more, and Teresa had just lost all of her files!

I met Teresa shortly after this had happened, and when I told her about the I.T. Club I could see a look of anger and regret building in her face and the tension building in her voice.

You see although she signed up to the I.T. Club striaght away, if I’d met Teresa just a couple of weeks ago we’d have already backed all her files up for her and she wouldn’t have just lost months worth of work!

Are you my next Teresa?

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