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The Reality is Computer problems hold your business back…

As a member of the I.T. club you get the power to do something about those problems, and someone to call on when you just need it all to work!

Typically as a member you will find as you start to take on board all of the help, support and advice we give you, your I.T. woes start to vanish, and you spend more time working on the important stuff in your business rather than dealing with ‘Stuff’. You will know your computer is well looked after, you’ll be using the right tools for the job and if you’ve ever got anything you are not quite sure about you can just pick up the phone and talk to us!


If you've got a computer, you NEED this!

  • Protection from Viruses
  • Your ciritcal software kept up to date
  • Your essential systems monitored
  • Access to the IT Clinics
  • Easy Access to Remote Support


Because your IT should not hold your business back

  • Basic Membership plus…
  • Protection for you Critical Files
  • Free Pass for the monthly IT Clinic’s
  • 30 Minutes Free Remote Support each month


Invitation Only - for when IT HAS to work

  • Essential Membership plus…
  • Business E-Mail Service
  • Free Remote Support
  • Free Drop Off & Diagnose
  • Fixed Price Onsite Support

A must for all computer owners

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