I.T. that helps and supports your business to grow…

I.T. that Helps and Supports your Business to Grow

We are all about…

Helping business owners use IT to build a successful business and escape the COMPUTER SAYS NO syndrome…

  • Do you spend all your time battling with your computer?
  • Are you banging your mouse up and down after clicking the same button 15 times because it just won’t work?
  • Really frustrated about how much time you waste trying to do insanely simple tasks because “the computer say’s no”?
  • Fed up with spending hours writing really important documents only for your laptop to randomly turn itself off and loose all your work?

Imagine the embarrassment when you have to call up a customer and tell them there is a delay with their work because your computers broken!


Pick the membership level to suit you…

Basic: £7.45

Gives you all the very basics (Protection from Viruses, Making sure you have all the latest security updates, makes sure your computer is running smoothly), Any support you’d like from us you then pay for in 15 minutes blocks to make it easy…

Essential: £24

Gives you all the fundamental bits you get with Basic, plus your critical files are kept safe and secure with ‘don’t make me think backups and you get 30 minutes of support time to use every month…

Professional: £49

In addition to everything in the essential package you get unlimited support each month and a Business grade E-Mail service with oodles of storage.

*Prices are per person, if you’re lucky enough to have more than one computer, each additional computer is charged only a the Basic Level (cause it’s you we are providing the support to, not your computer!)

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* The trial lasts for 4 weeks and covers 1 machine. There is no commitment after the trial, we’ll simply ask you if you want to continue or not